There is a very good dental facility in Greenville PA for all those with young'ns at Thiel College. Any one camping or vacationing in the Greenville PA or Pymatuning area should also be aware of this state of the art facility. If one has a need for a long term or emergency or temporary dentist, Doc Gruber Dental in Greenville PA is the place. Doc Grubers Dental Facility is moving toward communicating with patients in a modern way through smart phones, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Doc Gruber Dental in Greenville PA can be reached at 724-588-9520 or
    We now turn our attention to, in our opinion, one of the greatest fishing opportunities available on Planet Earth. A fish that fights like Mike Tyson. Water mostly ankle deep. Only people of kindred spirit are standing with you. You would be committed to an asylum by people from Miami, LA or Cancun! You know what that adrenalin rush is like. You know, no matter how cold it is and and how bad your fingers hurt, a Steelhead can turn you into a blast furnace. Just walking the steelhead creeks and streams, taking it all in, is invigorating. Fri thru Mon along a steelhead creek in the fall around Erie PA is just flat out insane!
     Think about being in Heins Field with 60,000 people equip ted with a 10 foot long fishing pole. All these people try and cast their lines into a bathtub, blindfolded, with boxing gloves on, trying to tell the person next to them "How It's Done". Not that its better than sex, but it is better than sex with.... oh well never mind. Achem..... Put this experience on your bucket list. In fact, a long weekend or vacation in the fall around Northwest PA is a dream come true for many people. Hunting, fishing, sight seeing, quaint country and Amish stores for those men whose lovely brides don't partake of the outdoors.
     Please come back and visit or e-mail us at for local business info, or your personal story and photo of steelhead fishing in Northwest PA.


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Fishing on the Shenango River and Lake, as well as Pymatuning are kinda in a holding pattern now.

Would you like to expand your fishing hobby a little more? You can probably pay for your gas money for your boat and maybe even your vehicle by raising your own worms/night crawlers. It is fairly easy to get started and now is the time with all the rain. If you do it right they will actually breed and produce more of the little buggers... Here is a link to a very informative website to help you get started and keep it going.

Twigs Reloading Den and Outdoor Supply Center. Whatever you need for hunting, fishing, boating, camping, etc.... Twig either has it or can get it.
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Musky, Muskey, Muskee or Muskie? How do you spell explosive excitement.? Are the first 1000 casts worth the unforgettable 1000 and 1 that is said to be the number needed to catch the "Fish From Hell"! Pymatuning Lake is well known World Wide, as a premier Musky Lake. Fishing for the ever elusive water dwelling beast has become a life long pursuit for many people. Young and old, girls and boys, professional and amateur are getting involved in this sport more and more every year. We here at the "Pymatuning Boat Club" are proud to be supporters of the "pursuit of musky club©". As with everything we are involved with, it is centered around a 100 mile radius of the "Pymatuning Lake Area". With the inclusion of Kinzua, Chataqua, Allegheny River and all the other Musky Waters around here. We could challenge any region as the best Musky Waters available within an hour or so drive. As soon as We get more info on the particulars of the club we will pass them along.


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